Rehearsal for Encountering looks into the history when groups of Asian indentured laborers were brought to the plantations in the Caribbean where they labored and shared life with enslaved people from Africa in the mid-19th century. The work takes shape in the form of multimedia installation which includes differently scaled moving images and a combination of transitive materials such as fermented rice, sugarcane, soybean, live soybean plants, polaroid pictures, and moldy printed matters, etc. The fermented food and live plant are living dependently through a connected pipe system.

By introducing various forms of temporality and movement, I attempt to work against the static pastness of history and further examine the structuring absences and disavowals that elude registration within histories. 

Links to video:
Rehearsal For Encountering
Twigs Snapping Between Our Bodies

Installation view at Tufts University Art Gallery, MA (2022)

Stills from the film played on the TV monitor - Rehearsal For Encountering

Stills From the video projected on the fabric - Twigs Snapping Between Our Bodies