A collaborative, three-channel video created with Yingheng Huang, where we explore labor politics through movements and recitation of theoritical texts.

We started to be interested in the pig after re-watching several pig-related cartoons—ones that we were fed with while growing up. In these anthropomorphic cartoons, pigs are oftentimes stand-ins for laboring bodies, bodies that are dis-assemble into productive parts. For example, in Three Little Pigs, the only way for pigs to withstand the wolf is to devote themselves to labor— constantly building houses.

Our resonance with pigs stems from the way our bodies are organized by society through its advocacy for productivity and uniformity. This video manifests the process of us learning and thinking through our relationship to capital. It also speculates tactics to thwart assimilation by creating chaos.

3-channel video installation. Videos 1-2: HD color, 2-channel sound, 19:02 minute synchronized loop. Video 3: SD color, sound, 02:39 minute loop.

Still from all i have to do is (Videos 3), Three Little Pigs

Installation view at RISD Fletcher Building, RI

Melting the Solid, film still exhibited in Cologne, Germany