A mobile phone is radically politicalized from the moment it was manufactured. First, it was assembled by underpaid and non-insured workers in a company that is involved in tax evasion. And then after it was sold, it continue its political function in various ways. It is a tool of connection, it breaks the border and connects people. Its camera democratizes the gesture of picture making and changes the way we perceive photo-representation. It can also be used to trigger improvised explosive devices and in a way starts revolutions. To narrate its story, I use images found on photograph sharing websites, inter-winded with stills from an action film, news photos and advertising images. Images are sequenced and printed on an instruction manual for a Nokia mobile phone and they respond to the content on the manual.

I’m drawn by the neutral tone in the instruction manual, they present a beautiful vision to people, a vision of connectivity and community in a seemingly reliable way. By juxtaposing these visions with awkward and silly everyday pictures. I try to explore the conversation between them, the idea of past optimism and how ordinary people deal with the altering political landscape.

144 pages
Soft cover
Perfect Bound
4.5 x 7 in

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At Bungee Space in NYC

At Jump Over the Spine - The Inaugural abC Art Book Award series exhibitions

At Space on Paper - Jimei Arles International Photo Festival books exhibition

At Space on Paper - Jimei Arles International Photo Festival books exhibition