4m30s cut from a 9m13s video

Rehearsal For Encountering looks into the moment of intercultural contact between the Asian indentured laborers and the enslaved people from Africa, who were either coerced or tricked into laboring in plantations in the Caribbean during the mid-19th century. The film is structured with footage taken during a research trip when I revisited sites that were documented in historical archives in Cuba. The footage is accompanied by texts generated by pulling apart and weaving together various theoretical writings. They are narrated in two languages - Cantonese and Spanish. The narration is interrupted and punctuated by electronic sound, conga drum beats, recordings of Jazz shedding, and a jazz conversation between musicians/theorists Fred Ho and Salim Washington. While arranging the sounds and images for the film, I try to bring in wandering, destabilizing, and colliding. These forms of movement aim to cultivate bodily viewing experiences that resemble acts of teetering in between and to work around the static pastness within histories.

Script for Rehearsal For Encountering

This piece couldn’t be done without your help. Thank you:

Alexei Basso

Jane Gillooly
Yingheng Huang
Chihyang Hsu
Audrey Jaramillo

Patte Loper

Megan McMillan
Kenneth Tam
Anthony Romero
Zeyuan Ren