12:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Pao Arts Center 包氏文藝中心

Exhibition: Interstitial Lives

*Opening Reception

This one-weekend exhibition is a gathering of research materials, tools, and props that Che Yeh collected and modified for various events of the project. Household and mundane objects like grocery carts, laundry carts, and outdoor picnic tables are transformed into portable stations for potential uses in daily civic actions that embody constant resistance. Such self-organized and spontaneous activities include, but are not limited to, gambling, reading, arguing, and protesting in public, taking care of a plant, and participating in an amplified karaoke and dancing rally. One can witness these activities happening almost everyday in Boston Chinatown. These minor forms of resistance are precious and unique remembrances of Sinophone diasporic experience. The sculptural pieces are placed in conversation with Che Yeh’s new video work Escape to Betray and several photographs, which are all revolving around the twisted histories and oscillating roles of the Ailanthus altissima tree. The exhibition also features works made by participants during the public events under the same project.