3:00-7:00 PM

Mary Soo Hoo Park 司徒麗英公園

Attuning: Sonic Vibration, Touch and, Mindful Drawing in Public

Attuning : Sonic Vibration, Touch and Mindful Drawing in Public is the kick-off of a series of events, gatherings and workshops under the title Interstitial Lives. It’s an attempt to attune our bodies to the vibration that ruderal plants are emitting and to the cultural, familial, and personal memories that are reactivated through various self-organized cultural activities.

During this event, a sonic massage cart will be pulled up on-site at Mary Soo Hoo Park. The audience/participants are invited to sit on the cart and activate the seats by playing with a soundtrack selecting device. By doing so, participants DJ unique remixes for each other. The sounds to be selected from are composed of Cantonese and Mandarin pop songs, recordings of city soundscapes, conversations, and electronic signals collected from ailanthus altissima trees using a psychogalvanometer.

A massage practitioner is invited to give free back rub service to participants using ailanthus tree bark infused herbal oil. In tandem with the massage session, artist Anqi Gu will facilitate a plant drawing workshop that focuses on close observation and mindful connection with ruderal plants.